Great companies don't just build themselves. Investors are critical in our mission to decentralize social media and give power back to content creators across the globe. The NFT space is just getting started - scaling quickly and efficiently is our priority. 

Glimpse NFT Whitepaper


Glimpse Whitepaper

Like any great product, software, or service - we're solving a major problem that exists today using emerging technology. Our Whitepaper breaks down our key value propositions and provides an in depth analysis of Glimpse.


Pitch Deck

Learn more about the future of social media in our pitch deck that includes our key information. 

Glimpse NFT Pitch Deck
Glimpse NFT One Pager


Glimpse One Pager

Provides a high level overview of Glimpse.


Introduction Video

Founder Teddy Kozlowski and TikTok star Chris Barnett meet in Times Square NYC for a fun filled evening of all things Glimpse. 

Glimpse NFT Intro Video
Glimpse NFT Interview


Founder Interview

Glimpse Founder sits down with the Coindor Channel to discuss Glimpse and the general NFT/DeFi Market. 


Platform Sneak Peek

Our platform preview provides a Glimpse into the future of decentralized social media. 

Glimpse NFT Platform Preview